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Uluru Hidden Caves Part5. Now that the sun has set wise traveller, it is time to entre the Hidden Caves. What magic will you discover?

The journey into the Hidden Caves can sometimes feel overwhelming and unsure, it sometimes can be scary because you cannot see what is ahead, but don't worry wise traveller because you already have a light with you. 

These hidden caves have been sacred to us ancients since the beginning of time, they reveal to us many wonders that we had not known but are now ready to see. Whenever we need wisdom we entre the cave and commune with ourselves for we are the cave, and exit more expanded than ever before.

You don't know how, but you know exactly where you are going. You know with every fibre of your being that the path you have chosen is the path for you and with each step you are creating your world into existence. This is how we, the ancients have created for generations. We take one step forward, and then the next, and we continue to do this because as we move along we will always discover somthing new about ourselves.

What hidden wonders await for you wise traveller? What do the caves have to tell you? There is a magical world in here wise traveller, it is a world that you can only feel with your heart. Open your heart and see what images show themselves to you and know you are loved.


Size: 18" (46.5cm) x 36" (92cm)

Acrylic on canvas with epoxy resin coating

This is a one off painting

Uluru Hidden Caves Part 5

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