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Jayson Chiron® Energy Healing


Price List

Chiron® Healing session        60min             $200.00

Contact us at, Jayson- 0405 148 909 or Facebook messenger: Jayson Munn Chiron Healing to make a booking. 


Chiron® Healing techniques access the biological energy exchange that drives your body.

There is a pattern to the energies that keep your body, emotions and mind working well. This energy surrounds the body in the form of a bio-energetic field also known as an aura.

Through Chiron® healing Jayson works directly at balancing the auric field so that your body can be in a place of ease and joy again.

Chiron® Healing not only helps ease physical ailments, but helps heal past and present "woundings" on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Only when you work with all three levels does true healing occur. 

Chiron® Healing may give relief of acute and chronic pain, back problems, circulation problems, arthritis, depression and much more. Chiron® Healing can assist with many problems on many levels by correcting the core problems.

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