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Uluru Secret Dragon Part 6. Did you see it? Did you see the Dragon? Look closely, for the Dragon awaits you to share with you it's wisdom and secrets. This Dragon has been waiting for you for a long time wise traveller, this Dragon is the heart of the land and knows your are worthy. You have a heart of gold wise traveller and the Dragon wants you to know this. You have gained much wisdom on your journey, you have learned to listen, you have learned that you have magic and you have learned to look within to find treasure. 

It is time wise traveller, the Ancients and the Dragon want you to know that everything that you have discovered here on your journey will be with you always. These are your gifts and all you have to do is look within to find them. It is now time to leave the cave wise traveller with the wisdom and knowledge you have gained.

This is the end of your journey wise traveller and the Dragon wants to give your a parting gift... Love yourself, know yourself, respect and honour yourself and those around you and you will fly high.


Size:36"(92cm) x 36"(92cm)

Acrylic on canvas

This is a one off painting

Uluru Secret Dragon Part 6

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