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Transformation Candle

This new gold, purple Transformation Candle has been created to help you with 

clearing blocks and stagnate energy in your life. Helping to transmute old karma that refuses to move on. 

Supporting you in being the best, highest potential you possible.

This candle is great to meditate and visualise the purple and gold flame of transformation and transmutation with your intension to clear and softly burn away the old way of being that doesn’t serve you anymore. Simply light this Transformation Candle  and visualise the fire clearing and transmuting all that is not serving you.

Allow the old energy to melt away and allow the new energy to open new doors of opportunity’s into your life.

Rediscover who you are, the real you not the hurt and wounded you. Give thanks to the lessens and learnings from situations and people and move forward now into a loving open hearted self.


Burn tIme: 70 hours 

Size: Large 1.5kg

100% Soy Wax

Colour: Wax purple with flicks of Gold  flowing through the wax

Double Wicks

Gold Container and lid


*Quick background on creating this Transformation candle.

I have been working with the violet flame for many years and understand the power of this work and I have shared this violet flame work in my personal alchemy classes and it is truly a beautiful tool to work with. Helping us to clear old wounds and hurts to bring us all to higher level of personal gold alchemy.


I have been working the Master Germain vibration personally through life times and I have had the pleasure been a channel for Germain to come through and give inspirational messages to me and others. This dark rich purple and gold fire is a stronger fire / flame. Here to clear more of this lower density energy that is  playing out on the planet at this time.

Giving us love, hope, joy, and protection. 


If you are drawn to this Transformation candle you are for a great personal change, to spread yours wings and open your heart to a new life if you desire to create it now. 


Love and blessings 

Master Germain & Jayson Infinite Magic  Xxx

Transformation Candle

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