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The Good Vibes candle is a remembrence of all the good things in life. If you ever feel down, this candle will help to remind you what is good and help to bring that good feeling back. The intention of this candle is when it is lit, all the darkness will vanish and only true positive good vibes will be there.

This candle has been infused with the vibes of...

- The cozy feeling in your heart that surrounds you

-Ffeeling the sun on your face

- Sitting in front of a fire

- Feeling safe

- Spending time with good friends and family

- Singing at the top of your lungs
- Dancing like no one is watching

- Feeling free

- A warm breeze on your face in summer

- Going on exciting adventures

- BBQ with friends and family

- Beach parties and dancing all night

- Reading a good book

- Watching the fireworks

- Holding hands with a loved one

- Love

- Happiness

- Joy

- Safe

- Harmony

- Excitement

- Going on adventures

- Creativity

- Listening to good music

- Gratitude

- Appreciation


Burn time: 33hrs

Size: 180 grames / Medium

100% Soy Wax

Fragrance: Tropical Dreams

This frangrance is a beautiful smell. Sweetness of this Tropical fragrance flowing through your home. Giving your home a fresh sweet smell.

Only! Good Vibes Candle

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