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Infinite Magic J’Adore Signature Candle

It wasn’t long ago when I wasn’t sure of who I am. That has been a question that had eluded me for some time. The more I thought about it the more it eluded me, so I had to let it go and hope that one day I would discover who I am.

One day Jayson and I were at home and the air was filled with joy and laughter, our home for some reason looked so much brighter it was as if I could see stardust floating between us.
We sat outside talking about how amazing we felt and how amazing our candles are turning out. Then Jayson’s intuition came up with an idea... ‘why don’t we both make signature candles that represent what we are feeling at the very moment?’...

We were so excited by the idea that before we knew it we had already bought the stock to start making these amazing candles that we both felt were needed.
Jayson chose a beautiful Matt Black jar with Gold inlay and my jar? I wanted something that I represented what I was feeling... joy, happiness, sophisticated, beautiful, gentle, true heart opening, real feminine energy... they were feelings I had suppressed within myself because of life circumstances, I had forgotten them and in that moment when I felt them, I felt free. Because of the way I was feeling I decided to go with Matt White and Rose Gold inlay, something that I had always wanted but felt I could never have.

In this moment of remembrance, realisation and clarity I remembered who I am... I am a woman! I have feelings, I am strong and brave and beautiful and I wanted every person to know that within themselves too.

No matter the circumstance, you have a beautiful heart that is waiting for you to show it, to open it, you have people that need your special gift of love to be shared and they are waiting for you.

Fragrance: J’Adore Type

This is Dior’s unmistakable sent and it comes to life with it’s delicate green and fruity notes, a rich floral heart of violet, jasmine, orchid as well as rich base notes of vetiver, sandalwood, amber and musk!

I chose this fragrance because the word itself speaks volumes...

Definition of J’Adore:

The meaning of J’Adore is a complex mix between “I really like” and “I love” The French use it to express enjoyment about something or when they are asked a preference.

However I have made up my own meaning, to me it means love, happiness, joy and beauty. This quote by A.A. Milne says it all for me...

“Always remember...
You are BRAVER than you believe,
You are STRONGER than you seem,
You are SMARTER than you think,
And you are LOVED more than you’ll ever know.”

From my heart to yours, never dim the light from your heart, you are meant to shine with it.


Burn Time: 33hrs

Size: 180 grams / Medium

100% Sy Wax

Fragrance: J"Adore type

This beautiful eleagnt Fragrance is greated with sophiscaticated lady in mine. This purfume fragrance smells devine in the home.

Allison's Signature Candle J'Adore Type

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