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100% Soy Wax White, Pink lotus flower Candle 



White, Pink lotus flower candle has been created to support you bringing in more love and harmony into your home / space. Lotus flower is lovely to burn around your home. If you are struggling somewhere in your life.The lotus will support and balance your heart and mind. The aroma of White lotus flower is beautiful and tranquil to have in your home.

 The lotus flower is a beautiful gift to of us all. ❤️


Hello everyone 

My name is Jayson I just wanted to share my experience about the lotus flower.

I have been really drawn to the lotus flower recently. I have always loved this beautiful flower even desiring to grow my own. But left it, I thought another time.

Then 12 months later, Allison was talking about the lotus flower, something triggered me again with the lotus flower deep within my heart.


So I thought I would research the symbol and meaning of this beautiful flower.

Every cell of my being called out to make this White lotus,  pink candle and a lotus Flower Mist Spray and  I would love to share this with you.


I now have an understanding of the symbolism of lotus flower. Working through my own personal struggles, working through the mud and coming into a new level of understanding on many levels. Understanding that no matter what life throws at me my soul essence is beauty and perfection.


If you are drawn to this Beautiful lotus flower, a time is coming when you will rise through your muddy struggles and become the lotus flower of beauty and perfection. This is your true nature.



The meaning of the Lotus Flower symbol is Flowers Life cycle. Humans are born in the world of suffering, duality and must learn to over come difficult times so you may become a more awakened person, to reach self realisation.


The muddy waters represents the struggles of life, the bud of the Flower represents a person that has not yet reached their full potential, a blooming lotus flower above the water represents someone who has achieved Nirvana, self realisation and lets go of worldly suffering.


The lotus flower is a symbol emerging from the murky waters clean and beautiful.

The lotus flower offers Hope and Strength for people who are struggling and gives them the ability to rise above and over-come all negativity and finds happiness as you emerge from your own struggles.


The colour meaning of lotus flower: The white lotus flower symbolises purity, both of mind and soul. The blue lotus flower symbolises common sense, wisdom and knowledge.. The pink lotus flower represents the history and essence of Budda. Red represents love and compassion as it relates to the heart and connects to the root chakra. The purple lotus is mystical and spiritual and its eight petals signify the noble eight path to self awaking, self realisation. The gold lotus flower symbolises the achievement of true spiritual  enlightenment.

In conclusion of this knowledge and wisdom I understand while we are all here to experience this life game. Our true nature is divinity, we are here to learn to Master ourselves little by little. As long as we are doing our best, in the end that is what really matters most.


Love and Blessings xxx


All products have a directional sheet for use.


List of Ingredients:

   *     white lotus Essential oil with absolute oil​​​​​​

   *.    100% Soy Wax Pink

   *.     Size Medium

   *.     Weight 180g

100% Soy Wax White & Pink Lotus Candle

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